Develop An Strategic Plan And It’s A Plan For It’s Implementation

Select a topic that you plan to defend via the strategic plan proposal and develop a strategic plan by answering these 3 questions

1.Why do you need to do it? What is your goal?

2. What are the things you need to get done to achieve your goal?

3. How can you make those things happen?

Develop an implementation plan for the above described strategic plan.

1. Set the objective for each step

2. Analyze internal/external factors

a. What Are The Roadblocks?

3. Develop solutions

a. How Can You Overcome The Roadblocks?

4. Identify and eliminate barriers

5. Allocate resources (people, time, money)

a. What Resources Do You Need?

6. Develop detailed tasks

a. What Are The Timelines?

7. Implement your plan!

a. What Are The Main Steps To Implement Your Plan?

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