WK10 MCS Discussions

1.Copy this into your post and then respond to it:  Write about something you have seen or experienced recently, that you can now explain from both a mono cultural (colorblind)and a multicultural (takes the lived experiences of women and people of color into account) perspective.

Look back at the Sessions for Wk 3, to remind you about monocultural and multicultural perspectives.

2. Copy this into your post and then respond to it:  What are some ways you have already intervened (even if only in your mind) as a result of what you have learned in this class.

3. For Wk 10 posts, I will be assessing multicultural understanding, based on what you write (see the rubric).

Copy this into your post and then respond to it:  Explain this recent news article, from a multicultural perspective.

Modern-day redlining Chicago Tribune Mar 6 2018

If you need more help, try this

Adam ruins everything

Or, if you find Adam ruins everything suspect, try this series of pieces on redlining from NPR Reveal

Or, closer to home :  Segregated Seattle:  From redlining to gentrification

And, if you want to know more, remember this piece in Segregated Seattle

4. Copy this into your post and answer it:  Look at your posts for the quarter.  Try to explain where you ARE NOW in your thinking about the assigned reading at the beginning of the quarter, using racial identity development theory.  Use evidence from your posts to document your claims.  Use the search feature on the Discussion page  to collect your posts for the quarter, so you can think about it.  I am asking you to apply the the Racial/Ethnic Identity Model we first looked at in Week 3 to your own writing.

Wk 3 Racial and Ethnic Identity Development

Just to clarify:  i want to know if you can identify accurately where you ARE NOW, this week, using the racial and ethnic identity development rubric.  I want to see evidence from your posts to document where you think you are.  Can you explain, from both monocultural and multicultural perspectives?  Can we see a multicultural perspective, in your post?

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