Social Media Plan


You have been selected to assist with the start of a new online boutique. In order for your business to be successful you will need to write a summary for each of the questions outlined below:


  • Your social media goals and general goals for the brand
  • An analysis of the market comparables — similar businesses/nonprofits/brands, including what has been successful and what hasn’t worked for at least 3 good comparable brands
  • Discussion of societal norms for those comparables. What seem to be the “rules” they follow? Is there open or tacit regulation you’ve noticed? Include how you can expand your influence globally by overcoming potential language and culture barriers
  • An analysis of advertising and its necessity along with the type of advertising you would do and why?
  • What type audience you intend to reach and how to reach them. Be sure to take into account the factors that are in play when attempting to reach an audience that includes a wide range of ages (consider generational differences)
  • A plan for how to use your contacts and add new ones when publicizing and staying connected
  • A plan for each of four social media sites, including profile information and posting ideas
  • Analysis of any of the theories you would use (Theories are attached)
  • A conclusion

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