Media Ethics Philosophy 2582 Final Assignment

 Please answer BOTH of the following questions in 2 short essays (approximately 4 paragraphs each) ONE SHORT ESSAY FOR EACH QUESTION Total Length: 2000 words 1. Choose ONE from of communications technology: TV Social Media Movies Radio Photographs Magazines Graffiti Discuss your chosen form of communications technology in relation to ONE of the following quotes from the Unit 1 lecture notes: A. For Habermas, the growth of the commercial mass media has had a hand in turning the public sphere (a powerful, critical public) into a passive public once again – a passive consumer public. Mass consumption and the search for leisure time replaces rationalcritical debate. B. “By the public sphere we mean first of all a realm of our social life in which something approaching public opinion can be formed. Access is guaranteed to all citizens. A portion of the public sphere comes into being in every conversation in which private individuals assemble to form a public body” C. The state and the public sphere do not overlap…[r]ather they confront one another as opponents. Habermas designates that sphere as public which antiquity understood to be private, i.e. the sphere of non-governmental opinion making. 2. “The distinctions between news, entertainment and advertising are becoming blurred in today’s media”. Discuss the ethical implications of the above quote in relation to either Anne Dunne OR William Babcock and Virginia Whitehouse.

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