Human Nutrition Assignment 2

For this assignment, you will need to download the attached template and fill it out.  On it, there are four types of labels that imply a healthier food: Free, Low, High, and Light.  The definitions of these types of labels can be found on pg. 51 of the textbook in the chart labeled Nutrient Claims. (I have attached this page as well)

For each of these labels, you will need to find a product that matches the label.  For example, you may want to do a Fat Free Salad Dressing for the Free label.  You will need to find ONE item that matches each one (4 items for the whole activity).

For each of the items you find, you need to find its normal equivalent.  As in the example above, if you selected Hidden Valley Ranch Fat Free Salad Dressing, then your normal item would be Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing.  This will allow for the most accurate comparison.

Then, in the Difference column of the template, be sure to note down any difference in the nutrition values and ingredients.  Did the sodium go up or down and if so, by how much?  Same for fat.  How about calories?  Be sure to note all differences.

Lastly, once you see the differences in the two products, you will fill out the analysis of the “healthy” food compared to the “normal” food.  Be sure to answer these questions for each of the food labels:

· Did the label accurately depict the product as defined in the table on pg. 51 in the textbook?

· Did the product have any significant differences in any other nutritional categories or ingredients OTHER than what they advertised on the box?

Example:  On a Fat Free item, we’d expect the Fat to decrease, but did the sodium or sugar or calories go up?

· List your thoughts about whether or not the “healthy” option is actually more or less nutritious overall than the original product.  Are there any other differences in the two products that stood out to you or surprised you.

Lastly, based on the nutrition facts of the two items (healthy and normal), list people that should take advantage of and avoid the healthier product.  Should someone with high blood pressure use it?  What about diabetes?  What about someone trying to lose weight or build muscle mass?

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