How Can FOQA/ACARS Be Used In An Aviation Safety Program? How Would These Data Collection Systems Be Applied To A Proactive And Predictive Safety Management System?

The length of the paper will be 1-2 pages long, double-spaced, using an average of 600 words.  Critical thought of the issue must be, with references, and written in a  manner that demonstrates a mastery of the issue, with an effective  analysis that incorporates both the proper subject matter vocabulary,  that clearly explains the issue and a writing style that reflects the  conduct of APA. No title page required.

How can FOQA/ACARS be used in an aviation safety program? How would  these data collection systems be applied to a proactive and predictive  safety management system?

Your papers must demonstrate a comprehension of the issue based on  facts, not opinion. Facts may be from the course or other stated  references. Opinions must be corroborated by references.


-Flight Operations Quality Assurance

-ACARS (Aircraft Communication addressing and reporting system)

-Proactive and Predictive SMS

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