HI 510 Notes Assignment 9

 Health Information Systems Research: Compare and Contrast
Understanding Health Information Systems means understanding the diverse systems that can be found at healthcare facilities. By learning about each type of health information system, you can begin to understand the similarities and differences in each system. In turn, this information will help you begin to build a strong foundation in the basic understanding of health information systems.
Perform an internet search to learn more about the following systems found in healthcare facilities:
Lab Information Systems (LAB)
Computerized Patient Order Entry Systems (CPOE)
Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
Create a table in Word that lists and describes in detail the following information about each system:
Artificial Intelligence used by the system (if applicable)
Do the system and its function meet the requirements of meaningful use?
To help supplement your understanding of meaningful use, please refer to government sources that discuss this topic, such as:

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