• Self reflectionThe goal of the reflection is to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and theory that you have learned during the residency and within the course.  How will you be able to use these obtained skills in future courses, current work environment, and moving toward the future?
    This assignment cannot be the same as you have submitted in another course.  If you submit a previous submission it will result in a zero.

    Create within a word document a 1-page minimum reflection.
    Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.

  • AssignmentGroup reflectionDuring the residency, you observed other groups that presented their findings of the case study.  Please complete your evaluation of each of the other group presentations during the residency. You will evaluate each group on the terminology that you identified during your time of observation.  Your reflection for each group should be a paragraph and evaluate the effectiveness of their presentation. Your goal is to identify what you learned from each group. You do not have to cover word for word what they presented but an overall evaluation of what you learned. This is an individual assignment. There is no need to use any outside sources but only what YOU observed during the presentations.
    THIS IS AN Individual assignment.  Your response cannot match the response from another group member or peer.  This response cannot be the same from a previous class.  This must be unique to this residency.

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