CIS 6208: Unit 5 Part 2 Of Assignment

The following is the Unit 5 Exercise: Activity-based Budgeting Assignment:
Students will create an activity-based project plan and budget based on the information provided in the project exercise Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). This is a continuation of the PERT Estimation & Project Plan Creation exercise. Please be sure to include your name in the assignment submission files.

Directions: Please refer to the following for all details related to this exercise.

Activity-based Budgeting Assignment Description and Rubric

This assignment is based on the course case study publication with the following supplemental data. Be sure to start with the attached MS project file to be sure that you’re all on the same track for the start of the exercise.

MS Excel (Activity Assignment Data): Activity-based Budgeting Exercise File

MS Project (Initial Project File): Activity-based Budgeting Project File

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