Case Study #3 – The Golden Rule Read the case study provided and complete the preparation worksheet questions 1-5 only (also provided below). Post your worksheet to the assignment portal and bring a copy with you to the next class to facilitate our discussion. Case Study 3 Preparation Document (Golden Rule).docx Case Study 3 Preparation Document (Golden Rule).docxApril 17 2016, 8:09 AM When the Golden Rule Yields No Gold – A Case Study.pdf When the Golden Rule Yields No Gold – A Case Study.pdfApril 17 2016, 8:09 AM

For this assignment, you will write an essay that assesses the role of culture in human resource management practices within a global organization. Give examples of how cultural differences may affect at least two human resource (HR) functions. Examples of these functions may include recruitment and hiring, employee and/or management development, performance reviews, promotions, compensation, and benefits, but you are not limited to these functions.

paper should be at least three pages in length.

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