This is a short paper that requires you to study the provided  scenario, research its questions/problems, and provide analysis and  recommendations.


Gemini Info Systems (GIS), a small software company, has decided to  better secure its computer systems after a flood in the area just missed  their offices. If the flood would have hit GIS, all of their computer  assets would have been destroyed forcing them to go out of business. The  organization has on site a hardware firewall, ten file servers, two web  servers, one network-attached storage system with 60 TB of storage, one  Windows 2012 Active Directory server for user access and  authentication, 45 high quality PCs, and a broadband connection to the  Internet.

The management at GIS needs you to formulate an Incident-Response Policy. Its purpose is to eliminate (or greatly reduce) down time if future incidents occur. The Incident-Response Policy must stipulate the need to update or create the following:

  • Business-Continuity Plan (BCP) – list some of the elements a BCP includes,
  • Disaster-Recovery Plan (DRP) – list some sources to use as a template,
  • Incident-Response Team (IRT) – list the titles of its members, and
  • selection of an alternative site as part of the BCP – describe the merits of a hot, warm, and cold site.

Remember, policies are high level and NOT overly detailed. Don’t go  down the rabbit hole of creating any of these plans. Your job is to  create the policy statement that authorizes the creation of these plans  and the IRT.


  • This is an individual assignment, i.e. not a team or partner assignment.
  • Use a three-paragraph format: an introduction/scenario recap, analysis, and conclusion.
  • Provide an APA style reference page with at least two references.
  • Double-spaced, font size 10 or 11.
  • 500 word minimum, not including your name, title, or references.

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