Business Use Case PPTS

In the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION, you are to convince the executive leadership in your company (think CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO) why the use of Blockchain Technology will solve your business problem. The presentation must include the following:

Required 4 slides with reference and APA format.

Topic Name :-  Supply Chains (Automotive Industry)

1). Are there any technical challenges/roadblocks that the organization should be     aware of that may prevent a successful implementation of blockchain?

Technical Issues

Requirement :- 

1). You should make the presentation for an executive audience. That means, Times New Roman or Arial Font Face, Size 14-18 for text. Size 20-24 for headers. (20% of your grade is presentational design)

2). If you put figures or tables in your slides, you have to make your own tables and figures. Please don’t copy and paste it from the reference.

3). Graphics are essential. Use 1 or 2 graphic. Custom graphics/tables are preferred.

4). Each slides should include a minimum of one reference. (You need to reference your source material for each slide in APA format. This will be 20% of your overall grade).

5). The content will count towards 50% of your grade.

Please use attached sample ppt format for presentation.

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