CH DEV 001

  1.   What perceptions arise from the belief in the imaginary audience?

2.   How do video games affect student learning?

3.   What benefits come from adolescents’ use of technology?

4.   Who is most apt and least apt to be involved in cyberbullying?

5.   Why might sexting be a problem?

1.   How does identity foreclosure differ from identity moratorium?

2.   Why do parents and adolescents often bicker?

3.   How does the influence of peers and parents differ for adolescents?

4.   What does the research say about sex education in the schools?

5.   Why are cluster suicides more common in adolescence than in later life?

1.   How does earning a college degree affect later life?

2.   What kinds of diversity are evident among college students?

3.   How can risk taking be beneficial?

4.   Do emerging adults still need their parents?

5.   What are the advantages and disadvantages of cohabitation?

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