Introduction Paragraph – Introduce the reader to what you will be writing about. Introduce the

three elements of this letter clearly.

Paragraph 1 – This paragraph should be the explanation and mitigation of your circumstances

that you were faced with while in attendance that lead to your academic performance to date.

(What happened?)

Paragraph 2 – This should be compelling evidence and mitigated changes in your circumstances.

(What has changed?)

Paragraph 3 – This should be a strategic plan for success. (How will you be successful? How will

you remain committed to your program?) This plan should be extremely detailed and should be

outlined appropriately so that readers understand and can visualize your commitment. (Do not

just say, I am going to study more, I am going to do homework, I am going to read all my

assignments.) What does that look like. How many hours can you realistically contribute to your

studies. What kind of resources will you be planning on using (Via writing center, library for

research). Will you communicate to your graduation team (E.g. – Student advisor, professor,

library professionals, ect). This is by far the most important part of your appeals letter and takes

the most effort to draft.

Closing Paragraph – Tie everything together and have a strong conclusion.

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