Your team will conduct a literature review in Information Technology   Strategic Planning.

You can also conduct a literature review on Strategy and how it is   applied to an Information Technology organization.

You are to review the literature on Information Technology Strategic   Planning and discuss problems and gaps that have been identified in the   literature. You will expand on the issue and how researchers have attempted   to examine that issue by collecting data – you are NOT collecting data, just   reporting on how researchers did their collection.

As you read the literature, it will become apparent that there are   multiple issues, pick one issue that stands out in the literature and agree   on that as a Team to address that.




Include   the names of those who participated in the project

Table   of contents:

Use   a Microsoft Enabled Table of Contents feature.


Describe   the issue, discuss the problem, and elaborate on any previous attempts to   examine that issue.

Research   Questions:

In   your identified problem area that you are discussing, what were the research   questions that were asked?


What   approach did the researcher use, qualitative, quantitative, survey, case   study? Describe the population that was chosen.

Data   Analysis:

What   were some of the findings, for example, if there were any hypotheses asked,   were they supported?


What   was the conclusion of any data collections, e.g., were research questions   answered, were hypotheses supported?


Here   you can expand on the research and what the big picture means, how do the   results found in the literature review help organizations in the Information   Technology strategy planning. What do you see as long-term impacts and what   further research could be done in the field?


Include   at least ten scholarly references in APA format.




Your presentation will have a slide   that addresses each

o Cover

o Topic

o Background of the problem

o Research Questions (if any)

o Methodology

o Data Analysis

o Conclusion

o Discussion

o References

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