Writing Prompts

  • Discuss the cost associated with the incarceration of inmates in correctional facilities. The cost of incarceration includes: feeding, clothing, housing and medical treatment of inmates.
  • Take a stance on whether taxpayers should pay the costs associated with the incarceration of inmates? Provide a detailed explanation.
  • Identify any services provided to inmates that should be eliminated. Provide a detailed explanation of why those services should be eliminated.


The writing assignment must be written in APA format. The writing assignment must be at minimum of 500 words, double-spaced using size 12-point font. The assignment must have a title page, abstract page and reference page. The abstract page does not count toward the total word count. For citations, follow APA format. Must use at least three references in addition to the textbook for a total of four (4) references. Proofread your paper to eliminate mechanical and grammatical errors.

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