Marketing Strategy – Need Minimum 10 Pages Covering All The Below Topics On Samsung Organization Excluding References And Title Page, Need APA Format No Plagiarism Need Plagiarism Report + 15 Slides Ppt Excluding Tile And References

· Company Summary

· Mission, Vision and Core Values

o How does your product/service support the mission or vision of the organization

· SWOT Analysis

o Internal Strengths and Weaknesses

o External Opportunities and Threats

· Competitor Analysis

o Unique qualities that offer competitive advantage

o Buyer behaviors

o Where are the gaps in service that you see between your product/service and the competitors

· Target Market Determination

o How are you finding your target market?

· 4P’s of Marketing

o Promotional Mix

o Price

o Product

o Placement

· Metrics for Success

o What are you measuring and how frequently are you measuring success?

· Product/Service Lifecycle

o Graph

o How long do you predict each phase will last? Why?

· Summary – what steps do you recommend to increase market share

APA Formatting 

• One inch margins left and right

• Double space between lines within the body of a paragraph

• Cover page

• Resource List 

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