Write An Essay And Make A Presentation

essay requirement: 1. This 3-4 page essay will be in APA format.

2. The essay will be simply the written paper of your SCM Project. Of course, with more written detail.

3. You will write this essay in a google document and share it with me for comments rights.


Concept Phase (10pts.) 

Project Definition Phase (30 pts)

Planning Phase (25 pts.)

Performance Phase (25pts) 

Postcompletion Phase (10pts)

5. (I have attached the sample essay)

presentation requirement:

1. You will use google presentation for this project.

2. You will share this presentation with commenting rights

3. project instruction: (see the slides that I have attached)

4. project example: (see the slides that I have attached)

5. The ppt slides should be 10-15 slides.

NOTE: Although the project has evolved, this is the closest sample to a good project. It’s missing a google sheet budget, however.

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