Reflective Reading Journal

Reflective Reading Journal – is comprised of selected quotes from assigned readings, and corresponding: Comments, Questions, Aha Moments (double entry style journal – see Canvas for sample journal).  Each journal entry is due on or before the designated due date and as a rule of thumb a minimum of one journaled page PER assigned reading chapter.  Full or excepted quotes must be cited per APA:  (Author (s), publication date, page number) following each quote – in quotation marks.

Please date the start of each assigned entry with the due date (sample journal below to utilize and assist with format – notice the references listed at the bottom of the journal).

In terms of this assigned reading – Chapters 7, 9, & 10 from the Goodson text  there are 3 chapters equating to a minimum of 3 pages journaled (1 page per chapter).

have to use the small journal sheet feel out the boxes every chapter has to have 3 question and 3 aha moment answers

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