Discussion 1

Write a reflective essay that includes content and your perspective on the three themes below. Please be sure to include original thinking and critical analysis.

  • Please use supporting citations and examples to support your thinking.
  • You should use at least 2 additional sources in addition to the text.:

Perform an academic level web search*, find and read  2 -3 recent (within the last 6 – 8 months) articles involving current opinions of the U.S. health care system.

•  How does today’s US healthcare system compare and contrast with the US Health Care system featured during the year you were born.

•  Is the United States is headed in the right direction? (Defend your position).

•  How are your profession’s roles preparing or adjusting to adopt national health care?

For the 3rd question’s profession, use military. I will copy paste from someone else’s post, so you get an idea. You can write something similar.

“How are your profession’s roles preparing or adjusting to adopt national health care?

Working as a military member makes my access to health care services a little different than the average American citizen. I have been practicing medicine in the Navy for almost eight years now and there have been several important changes implemented by the United States Government and the Department of the Navy intended to fashion a uniformity amongst branches. This universalization of military health care practices with oversight from the Defense Health Agency could has the potential to be the model for future national health care policies and practices. As a health care professional, I think it is very interesting being part of this process because the ultimate goal is to streamline care to service members while decreasing cost. This concept may seem simple, but if the military can achieve the desired goals it will eventually allow the private sector to follow.

Defense Health Agency. (n.d.). Retrieved June 6, 2018, from https://www.health.mil/dha”

IMPORTANT:  This can be done in plain text. No formatting or APA required. All I need is one page (single space). This is not a paper or assignment but just a discussion post. Maybe 6-7 sentence answers for each questions and then the reference.

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