Base On The Instructor’s Comments To Revise The Composition

instructor’s comments below:

Review how to refer to your sources in-text. Review how to present your sources in a reference list at the end of your document. Review how to present your argument, make sure to base your answers on facts and material presented in class, support these facts with strong sources. Some answers are incomplete or inaccurate and/or out of scope, review them, add details, and provide more information, examples, and connections with concepts presented in class and in the textbook. Good use of sources (sufficient) and some good elements of answers presented, use them to provide a better version. Get help from the writing center for format and quality concerns.

homework based on:

A) 1- Answer the questions below. List your source(s) for all answers:

A)How can the corporate culture influence the employees’ behavior? Provide 2 examples to support your answer.

B) Explain how business leaders can influence his/her employees’ behavior? Provide one example to support your answer.

C) What is a corporate culture? Explain how it is linked to business ethics.

D) Name 3 tools that can help building an ethical corporate culture.

E) Name and briefly explain 2 tools available to implement an ethical corporate culture?

F) What is the main goal of a social entrepreneur and how is it different than the goals of a regular entrepreneur?

G) Name and briefly explain 4 different ways that express the value of ‘’work’’.

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