You have been approached, by your CEO, to conduct a study to investigate the efficacy of two treatment plans for lung cancer. Both plans require the use of the same drugs and the treatments are overseen by the same medical staff. The only difference between the treatments is the method of administering the drugs. Plan 1 requires the administration of the entire drug dosage on the first two days of each week in the two-week cycle, with each treatment consisting of two weeks on, two weeks off, two weeks on, and then a month of no treatment. Plan 2 requires the administration of half of the drug on day 1, with the rest of the drug slowly administered over the course of the next three days. The treatment also runs on two week cycles, but there is only one week between cycles, and three cycles are completed prior to the month break.

What study design would you recommend, and what statistical method would you used to compare the results?

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