Read The Example And Provide Your Conclusion About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of This BID STRATEGY! profile Expert Ahmed (Not rated) (Not rated) Chat

Read the example and provide your conclusion about the advantages and disadvantages of this BID STRATEGY! So please use the information that you can find and know about Bid Strategy and come up with reflection on this bidding strategy. why is it good why it is not. why is it effective ?

Example 2: Best Value
In another case, I was working for a company whose cost structure made it unlikely it would be the low bidder. So, we adopted a best-value bid strategy. Best value means you will be able to convince the customer that the value of your solution is worth the higher cost. We attacked every program element with a view toward convincing our customer that we had the best approach-best performance, lowest risk, lowest life cycle cost, easy maintenance, long-term supportability, etc. We emphasized value to the customer at every turn and “ghosted” less expensive approaches as being inadequate or risky. When the smoke cleared, we had won a $400 million program with a bid more than 15 percent higher than the rest of the competition.

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