Leadership Book Analysis

Leadership Book Analysis

Write an analysis that applies 10 key concepts of the selected book to your experiences in the workplace / community / classroom / family.

  • Use specific examples from your experience (you can change the names if you like).
  • Use APA style for any cited sources in the paper.
  • What did you learn? Ah ha’s?

Criteria: Microsoft Word only, double-spaced, 12 point font, cite all sources using APA.

Grammar and Spelling Count!!!!   -.5 per error, I stop grading at 20 such errors.

Cover and reference pages required …. 10 pts.

Rubric: 10 key concepts from book, 4 points each … 40pts.

10 related personal experiences, 2 points each …. 20 pts.

Related Ah Ha for each key concept, 2 points each … 20 pts.

What did you learn summary paragraph… 10 points

The Book for the assignment


  • Bad Leadership: What is it, How it Happens, Why it Matters  by Barbara Kellerman

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