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Case Study 1: Industry Usage of GIS

Select a case study of GIS benefitting an organization from GIS-related magazines, the

industry press or academic literature that was published within the last three

years. Several trade relevant trade magazines are: Directions Magazine, WhereNext (Esri),

ArcUser (Esri), ArcNews (Esri), ArcWatch (Esri), GPS World, URISA Journal, MIT

Technology Review, and Wall Street Journal. Other sources of information are in the rich

electronic journal resource of the Armacost Library.

This assignment requires the student to (1) choose a business within an industry of focus, (2) learn how GIS’s are used within the chosen industry, (3) learn which other geospatial technologies are also typically coupled with the GIS, (4) for the business chosen, learn about how that firm has implemented a GIS application, and (5) propose, for that firm, how a new geospatial application can be used to support customers, a business goal, or strategic advantage. Bring in concepts from the GeoB textbook as appropriate.

Write a report to describe the benefits and/or difficulties/disadvantages that could occur from the implementation of this new geospatial application. Typical length is 3 pages and must include the reference and citations in APA format. Please include an electronic copy (pdf/jpg screenshots) of the selected article with your submissio

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