Students must submit TWO of these identification terms in paragraph form through the Assignments Tab if Canvas by the deadline specified in the Syllabus and in Assignments.  They are each worth ten points.  Students may submit a third identification term for five points of extra credit (three points for content information, one point for original thoughts and insight, and one point for proper citations, both in text and bibliographic).  Be sure to cite properly, as per the MLA Format every time that any information is directly copied (and quotation marks are needed), paraphrased (writing someone else’s ideas in your own words) or for any facts that are not common knowledge (like “the sky is blue”).  Be sure to provide a works cited section with a bibliographic citation of each source used; Be sure to include the Date Accessed is the date that YOU previewed a particular website or watched a Youtube video because website/video content can change.  As per the syllabus, students must use a minimum of two sources, that are to be cited in the body of the paragraph as well as the works cited section for that identification term to be counted for a grade.  For more information, please consult the “Weekly Assignments” section of the syllabus.

Please note that the textbook is an acceptable source for all of the identification terms:

David Shi, America: A Narrative History, Volume 1, Eleventh Edition. New York:  W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019.

This CrashCourse video is an acceptable source for both the identification term on the First Great Awakening and Pontiac’s Rebellion.

CrashCourse, “The Seven Years War and the Great Awakening: Crash Course US History #5.”  February 28, 2013.  Date Accessed:

Identification Terms For Chapter 3:

1) Salem Witch Trials

Be sure to provide information about when and where these trials took place, the cause and major events involved, as well as the consequences. What types of people were accused of witchcraft…Why? Editors, “Salem Witch Trials.”  History, A&E Television Networks May 12, 2020. Date Accessed:

Education Department, “The 1692 Salem Witch Trials.”  Salem Witch Museum 2020.

Date Accessed:

Reading Through History, “History Brief: The Salem Witch Trials.”  September 16, 2019.   Date Accessed:

2) The First Great Awakening

Be sure to include when and where this event took place. Which individuals led this movement? How did it change religion in the Thirteen Colonies?  What other changes did it bring about? Editors, “Great Awakening.”  History, A&E Television Networks September 20, 2019. Date Accessed:, “The Great Awakening.”  No date listed.  Date Accessed:

American History Videos, “The Great Awakening by Professor Jeffry Morrison.”  January 27, 2015.  Date Accessed:

Identification Terms For Chapter 4:

1) Pontiac’s Rebellion

When and where did this rebellion take place? What were the causes of this rebellion and who were they rebelling against? Who were the rebels? Who was their leader? What were the major events and consequences of this rebellion? Editors, “Ottawa Chief Pontiac’s rebellion against the British begins.”  History, A&E Television Networks May 5, 2020.  Date Accessed:

No Author or Date Listed: “Pontiac’s Rebellion.”  Ohio History Central.

Date Accessed:

Christenson, Paul, “Pontiac’s Rebellion.”  August 6, 2019. Date Accessed:

2) The Stamp Act

What was this act and what was its purpose? When was it passed? What was the colonial reaction and consequences to this act?

Cavendish, Richard, “The Stamp Act.”  History Today Volume 65 Issue 3 March 3, 2015.  Date Accessed: editors, “Stamp Act.”  History, A&E Television Networks July 31, 2019.  Date Accessed:

Hughes, Hip, “The Stamp Act Congress Explained: US History Review.” January 28, 2018.  Date Accessed:

Identification Terms For Chapter 5:

The Battle of King’s Mountain

When and where did this battle take place? Who were the leaders of each side? What nationality were the troops on each side? What were the main events and consequences of this battle? Editors, “Battle of King’s Mountain.”   History, A&E Television Networks October 8, 2019.  Date Accessed:

No Author or Date Listed: “King’s Mountain.”  American Battlefield Trust.

Date Accessed:

Dean, Philip, “Battle of King’s Mountain South Carolina.”  Dean Communications April 8, 2018.  Date Accessed:

Phillis Wheatley:

Who was she? What was her background? What contributions did she make to history?

No Author or Date Listed: “Phillis Wheatley.”

Date Accessed:

The Editors, “Phillis Wheatley-Poems, Quotes, and Facts.”  The Website, A&E Television Networks

March 2, 2020.  Date Accessed:

On the Shoulders of Giants, “Phillis Wheatley: African-American Author.”  On the Shoulders of Giants April 27, 2016.  Date Accessed:

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